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my site u r just on it the flashversion of my site
r there new pandas available? yes they r!!! very interesting, but in italian this is a forum list where a german and now an english fiat panda forum r shown. i'm also involved in the english forum, so if u like it, or u have suggestions tell, me english, german and if u want 2 make an other language... how 2 repair my panda? U have a question? Check out this page, this is a great forum, where u can ask about panda-repair, u will get (mostly) useful answers, NOTE: dasuprmastr (that's me) is there 2 german

french panda forum
hungarian panda forum a panda-site from a german panda-owner, not big, but as far as i know it's growing english of course an other panda-page (the same problem: the language), the page has a very convinient and good-looking navigation, this site contains a lot of pics of several pandas and as far as i understood u can publish ur pics there 2 italian this is an italian panda-page and it's really well done, but unfortunatly only in italian italian fiat panda 4x4 sport: pics + specifikations english several fiat's but there r some interesting panda pictures 2 (text-link in the middle of the site)
p a n d a t i c s a flash-panda-site with good navigation, but japanese pandas r not for racing?! look and learn
a holland panda website
Performance Panda this is a fiat panda 4x4 site with some interesting pics about the offroad abilities of 4x4 pandas, portugese this is an other very well done page, where several info is given about repair and tuning, also the car that is shown has not a bad style, english i haven't seen the whole site yet, but if u go on the link parts & goods u will see some interesting parts for pandas, i never imagined what is available for this car, japanese this is a helpful site, where the knowledge of the german forum is abstracted, german
Pandaspecial/ a verz good panda page, where pictures can be found, where i've seen nowhere else, but hungarian (thats a problem for u, but not for me :) little trnslation tip: kÚpek means pictures, the rest u have 2 explore yourself)
french panda site/

zorros (black clx, really cool modifications) german
these r some very interesting pictures: a panda with round lights japanese (i guess)
electric panda (only 1 picture) + specifikations german
italiano carabinieri panda italian


A LADACLUB despite ladas arent fiats, originally they were, the site is very interesting, if u wonder what we do with our pandas, look what they do with there ladas.... (in english and hungarian) oilfilter this is the in the media often mentioned system, with which u don't have 2 change your caroil, only this oilfilter (every 15 000km), which keeps your oil clean a big f1-fan with many useful links and an interesting cartuning page english & rumanian a good f1-page, many info, forum and what i like most great f1-cartoons (link games&fun) english & german & french & finish & spanish this is a big libary about microcars (very interesting, because there r a lot of exotic cars, which r very seldom)english
formula 1 worldchampions c all the formula 1 worldchampions and the winner of the constructors championship english
formula1 2001 pictures of the hungarian grand prix 2001, where michael schumacher became world champion english
cars and a panda.........

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