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only pictures
click on the car u want 2 c
all pictures have the common size, so most of them are wraped (in the galleries), they'll have their normal size if u click on them

galerie I (3 sub galeries)

my pandas lizbeth
this was my 1st car. it's a black 1000CL: 45hp

my second car was a panda 34 (1985)

my current car is a 900 dance, which has the (OHV) cinque-engine

galerie II (7 sub galeries)

your pandas grinni's panda
this is grinni's panda.

(visit his hp either) it's a panda 1000 deluxe (1988) (II.a)

ale's panda
ale's panda (II.b)

grinni's 2nd panda (II.c)

pedro's panda
pedro's 4x4 Trekking (II.d)
ale's 45 4x4 (II.e)
ale's 45 4x4 (II.e)
ale's & guiseppe's pandas
ale's & guiseppe's pandas (II.f)

ale's & guiseppe's pandas 2nd gallery
ale's & guiseppe's pandas (II.g 2nd gallery)

galerie III (7 sub galeries)

more pandasmore pandas
c other pictures of pandas