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welcome to the fiat panda ring

if you have a fiat panda related site, you are welcome to join this little but fast(?)-growing webring.

* what is this ring about?
this ring contains sites, which are about the little italian car fiat panda. i say this because maybe you never heard about this car (then you are probably not european).
in this ring the members tell you about their own cars, show pictures, most of them have usefull links, technical and repair infos are given etc.

* what are the criterions for the joining?
  1. you have a hp about pandas
  2. you insert the navigationbar
* how can i join?
you cantact the ringmaster or
you go to the fiat directory @ and get listed or
you use the the link join @ the navigationbar (below)

* is it important in what language my site is written?
in general: NO, but it was nice if you could make an english version beside your native language

* can i get further informations?
yes, write an email to the ringmaster

the members: this is (mine) the ringmaster's site, it is about my own and some of your cars, beside the pictures and some info about these cars, i listed all panda engine types and models, so if you search for some specifikation... also there are some interesting links which can not be found in this webring only on english yet this is an english & german fiat panda forum

this is the image: (just the image, that'swhy the links don't work at this one)

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