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dasuprmastr's fiat panda page
Hier klicken und Geld verdienen!

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x last update:
05.06.2003 +13 new pictures about my car @ the hungarian fiat meeting (exhaust, tires, wheel...)
27.05.2003 +8 new pictures about my car @ the hungarian fiat meeting and +28 pictures picutres about repairing (my car)
11.10.2002 3 new pictures and a new english forum but this new forum is just a test version yet
25.09.2002 look at this!!!
26.08.2002 12 new pictures (gallery: II.g, important: gallery II.e-g r only reachable from II.d and only if u look them in a row, will be changed)
11.08.2002 new pictures (incl. gallery: II.f)
seems like i "won" an award :) :

12.06.2002 new pictures (+5 @ your pandas galery II.e now only accessable from II.d) & 2 flash movies for repair: theses 2 films r little tutorials, how u schould/could repair several things (1., fuel tank changing 2., changing the rear springs & shocks)
29.05.2002 new pictures (+7)
02.05.2002 (new menu buttons for: tuning and repair, virtual panda and forum. the tar & vip pages will be edited soon)

x there r currantly 175 pictures of fiat & pandas @
especially (new) at: only pics -> your pandas & -> more

x why u should revisit this site?
soon there will be new picutres of my car, i'll make a tuning corner, where i'll show the modifications i made on my car (later i want 2 add a repair section, where i try 2 explain what and how i made it)
and probably there will be also new pictures of your cars

dasuprmastr's fiat panda page the fiat panda ring   tfpr
dasuprmastr egy szep kis fiat panda honlap, angolul
miniT az a uzleti honlapcimem, nezetkozi es belfoldi, kisteru szallitmanyozas