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your pandas



white PANDA 1000 deluxe, 43 horsepower, year of construction 1988, driven kilometers: 134.400


extra foglamps, switch with LED, silver exhaust pipe, cowfleece for the seats, backseats covered with white blankets, green instead of the black floor, all textile parts covered with cowfleece, cd-player with subwoofer-system in the back and bass-pumps under the seats, swapped the loudspeakers in the front with better ones and put a sunflower on each one, dark backwindows, third breaklamp

Was that really everything for now???

NOO, of course not!! i still have so many ideas, eg: counter for revolutions/min, sport steering wheel, extra parking lights, spoiler.

Why the hell?

Hmm, good question.. theres always a first car, mine is the panda. at first i was off the opinion, that all the dirt on and in the car is too good to wash away, eg: die spiderwebs in the inside. well, as i had an oilcontainer lying(!!) lying behind my seat, it had to drip out someday... i noticed it as i left some funny colored footprints on the street on a rainy day. then i decided to swap the floor.. well, one thing came after the other, and now i have a funny car standing in my garage.

c the pics of this car

the info about this car is given by grinni @

coming soon